A DIY system for the college baseball/softball recruiting process

Oh hey, welcome! Okay, okay…I’ll share my secrets with you. But shhh, you can’t tell anyone! Oh man, I’m excited.Jack

Your friend starts rattling off all the schools he’s in contact with. You’re nervous because you know what he’s about to ask you and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to answer…

“So, how many schools are YOU talking to?”

You don’t want to tell him the 2 schools that have responded to your email because he’s probably never heard of them, so you resort to a half truth…

You tell him the names of the two schools that sent you generic camp invites.

(You know, the ones every player with a first and last name gets).

But rather than telling him they were camp invites, you just tell him the names of the schools.

“Wow, that’s really cool,” he says.

You nod your head quietly, wishing you had a better, truthful answer. You count the seconds until the conversation is over and you check your email, just in case a coach has emailed you in the past 5 minutes (when you last checked it).

You open your email…still nothing.

You’re frustrated and confused…you’ve taken how many hitting and pitching lessons?!

And you’ve played in every tournament and showcase imaginable…

And your family has spent dime after dime helping you pursue your goals…

And of course, your high school coach is of no help at all…

The emails you’ve been sending out haven’t generated the responses you expected.

And while your friend is off enjoying his laundry list of schools, you’re sitting in class wondering if you’re good enough to play college baseball.

You think you are because you know that you’re a better player than your friend. It makes no sense to you…how does he have options, but I don’t?

You go back to the drawing board, tweak your subject line, send out a few more emails, but nothing changes. You want this more than anything, but you don’t know how to get it.

If this is how you’re feeling…no one understands you better than I do. I was this kid in high school.

I went to a million lessons. I sent out dozens of emails. I must have traveled to every state in the country for tournaments and showcases. My family spent a lot of money…and the response was so underwhelming that it was painful.

I didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense to me.

I didn’t know what to write in an email, or even the subject line. I didn’t know how to make a recruiting video without spending a lot of money to pay someone to do it for me, and I could not seem to grab the attention of a college coach for the life of me.

When I got to junior college, I knew I had to do something differently.

So, I started asking questions.

“If I were a busy college coach, what would I want in an email?”

“How can I show coaches I’m valuable to them before they even see me play?”

“How can I find schools that are desperately looking for players like me?”

I used these questions to hone a calculated strategy…and to my amazement, it worked like an absolute charm.

I generated interest from dozens of schools. I was having trouble keeping track of them all! I received responses from some of the top schools on my list, and I had the luxury of turning away schools that I wasn’t that interested in.

When a coach asked me what other schools I was talking to, I had to narrow the list down for him because there wasn’t time to mention every school. I even had some schools offer me a scholarship without ever seeing me play!

It boggled my mind. And that’s when I knew…everyone needs to be doing this.

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