The Recruiting Process Made Easy

What’s up! Instead of giving you access to a “database” (which you don’t need), we want to give YOU the strategies, tools, tactics, and information you need to NAIL the recruiting process and earn a scholarship to play college baseball or softball!

While watching the game, John turns to a fellow parent and says, “I don’t get it. Alex has been tearing it up every weekend, and we still aren’t getting interest from any schools. We’re running out of time, and I don’t know what to do.”

That morning, John woke up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning.

He stumbled to his coffee maker, half awake, and made an extra strong batch.

This was going to be a long day.

After 30 minutes to himself in the morning, which he couldn’t really enjoy because of the weight of the day looming in the depths of his soul, John wakes Alex up.

“Alex, we need to leave in 20 minutes.”

Alex gets out of bed, zombie-like, and puts on the uniform.

They get in the car and prepare for the hour and a half drive out to the middle of nowhere.

The first game of the tournament is at 8am.

Oh yeah, and that’s just the first of three games.

Alex sleeps in the car on the way.

John drives, flooded with thoughts.

“Is this tournament actually going to help Alex get a scholarship?”

“Are we wasting our weekends by doing this?”

“Do we have enough water? It’s going to be hot.”

“Ugh, I’m going to have to talk to Rick. He needs to shut up about Taylor’s commitment already.”

“I just don’t know what to do.”

Because here’s the thing…

Even though John is spending his Saturday driving an hour and a half to some god-forsaken tournament to watch 3 games in the blazing heat, all the while wondering if this is actually going to make a difference and feeling the weight of not quite knowing how to help Alex…

…he would do it again and again if it meant a scholarship for Alex.

Alex dreamed of a scholarship for as long as John can remember.

All the lessons, all the practices, all the early mornings, all the late nights, all the travel, all the heartache, all the fun, all the sweat, all the tears, all the blood…

Alex wants this more than anything, and John will do whatever he needs to do to make it happen for Alex.

He just doesn’t know the technicalities on how to make it happen.

Let me ask you this…

Are you John in this story? Or do you know someone who’s a John and you want to avoid being a John?

If so, you’re not alone.

The recruiting process can be confusing, frustrating, debilitating, difficult, and sometimes painful.

So if this is how you’re feeling…no one understands you better than I do.

I went to a million lessons. I sent out dozens of emails. I must have traveled to every state in the country for tournaments and showcases. My family spent a lot of money…and the response was so underwhelming that it was painful.

I didn’t understand.

It didn’t make sense to me.

I didn’t know what to write in an email, or even the subject line. I didn’t know how to make a recruiting video without spending a lot of money to pay someone to do it for me, and I could not seem to grab the attention of a college coach for the life of me.

Luckily for me, I got a second chance at the recruiting process in junior college.

We knew we needed to do something differently the second time around because whatever we did the first time, didn’t work.

So we asked hard questions…

“If I were a busy college coach, what would I want in an email?”

“How can I show coaches I’m valuable to them before they even see me play?”

“How can I find schools that are desperately looking for players like me?”

These questions led us to develop a system that worked like an absolute charm in the recruiting process.

I generated interest from dozens of schools. I was having trouble keeping track of them all! I received responses from some of the top schools on my list, and I had the luxury of turning away schools that I wasn’t that interested in.

We finally understood how the recruiting process worked, and how we could fast-track it.

When a coach asked me what other schools I was talking to, I had to narrow the list down for him because there wasn’t time to mention every school. I even had some schools offer me a scholarship without ever seeing me play!

It boggled my mind. And that’s when I knew…everyone needs to be doing this.

So…if you’re a parent in the baseball or softball recruiting process, and you want a system that works, here’s what you should do.

1 – Read the articles under the “Articles” tab. That will give you a breath of fresh air, and answer a lot of questions you may have (and maybe even answer some questions you didn’t know you had)

2 – Then, click this link and sign up for the email list.

After you sign up for the email list, you’ll get a welcome email that will explain where to go from there.

There are three levels to the recruiting process:

Level 1: I haven’t started the recruiting process or I don’t know anything about the recruiting process.

Level 2: My kid is actively talking to less than 5 schools

Level 3: My kid is actively talking to 5 or more schools

Each of these levels requires a different strategy, and you move from one strategy to the next as you progress in the recruiting process.

If you haven’t started the recruiting process yet (or you don’t know anything about it), we need to lay a foundation that will be strong enough to endure the rest of the process.

If you’re talking to less than 5 schools, we need to get some exposure. And no, showcases and tournaments are NOT the primary way to get initial exposure.

And if you’re talking to 5 or more schools, you need to know how to keep coaches engaged for a long period of time, and continue to build your value to earn that scholarship.

Like I said…each level of the recruiting process requires a different strategy.

It’s not enough to simply get exposure.

And what good is being able to close the deal if you aren’t talking to any schools?

So I’ve broken my system up into three parts, one for each level of the recruiting process.

That way, you can hop in wherever you are in the process, and not skip a beat.

This will all make more sense when you join the email list.

You can sign up on this page

I wish you and your family the best in the recruiting process!