The 6 Questions about the Recruiting Process I Get Asked the Most, with answers

I get asked the same six questions…all. the. time. Here are my answers to these six questions! This page will always be current (I’ll continually update it).

What do I write in my emails to coaches?

Email is one of the most important parts of your recruiting process. It’s the driving force behind everything else you’re going to do (showcases, tournaments, phone calls, visits, etc).

Here’s the tricky thing about email: the contents of your email matter a lot, but WHO you email also really matters. There are lots of factors that determine whether you get responses from coaches or not.

So if you want to know how to find coaches that are more likely to respond to your email, exactly what to include in your email, and how to make your email better than everyone else’s…

Then you may want to consider joining Effective Email, a series of videos that shows you the “hack to exposure.”

If you want to start getting responses this week (maybe even today), then you’ll love Effective Email. We’ll turn your ugly-duckling email into a beautiful swan…and kick your recruiting process into 5th gear (the really fast one).

Don’t be the guy who spends a fortune on showcases and tournaments, but doesn’t get responses because he didn’t master emailing schools.

Want to make your showcases and tournaments effective? Want to ensure that coaches are watching YOU at those tournaments?

Master email.

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Which coach do I email?

You’ll want to email the recruiting coordinator. If no coach is designated as the recruiting coordinator, email the assistant coach that corresponds to your position (if you’re a pitcher, email the pitching coach, etc.). Don’t email the head coach…he has very little to do with recruiting.

What do I put in a recruiting video, and how do I make my video stand out?

Great news!…I wrote an entire article on this. It’s comprehensive, so it should answer your questions. You can read it here.

If your question is not answered in this article, email me. My email address is

Can you give me swing/arm/defense advice?

I do not give personal baseball skill advice at this time. This may change in the future. As of right now, I’m only giving recruiting advice.

“I’m sending out emails…but not getting many responses. What do I do?”

If this is you, start by looking at your list of schools. There are 3 questions you should ask…

  • “Am I emailing schools in my talent bracket?” (If you’re not getting the responses you want, you may need to lower your sights)
  • “Am I emailing schools that have a need?” (I talk about this extensively in the 18-step game plan. More info on my email list. You can sign up here.)
  • “Am I emailing enough schools?” (Emailing 5-10 schools is probably not going to be sufficient. Target your schools, but keep in mind that the more schools you email, the better your chances are).

What year should I start sending emails out?

You can begin sending emails out as early as your freshman year, but note that coaches currently cannot respond to your email before September 1 of your junior year. They can send you camp invites, and they can talk to your travel coach, but they cannot directly respond to you.

If you have friends that are committing as freshmen, they either went to a school’s individual camp (where coaches can talk to you directly), or the college coach went through your friend’s travel coach. It is NOT common to commit as a freshman.

If you are a late bloomer (need more time to develop and mature physically), then wait to send emails out until your sophomore or junior year. It does you no good to email schools if you can’t prove to them that you will be of value to them. Wait until you think you can prove value to them through your video.

If your question was not answered here, please email me. My email address is

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