Hey, what’s up!

I’m Jack Kruger, the creator of Baller Builder.

I started Baller Builder to help high school and junior college players (and their parents) understand, navigate, and dominate the college baseball/softball recruiting process.

I’ve been through the college baseball recruiting process twice.

The first time, we spent thousands of dollars, sent hundreds of emails, made several recruitment videos, and had little to show for it in the end (we = my dad and I). We were disappointed, to say the least.

When I got a second chance at the recruiting process in junior college, we vowed to do things differently. We came up with a calculated, thorough strategy and it was wildly successful.

Even though I had a statistically terrible season the year before, I had dozens of colleges calling me every week, and even earned a scholarship to Mississippi State University.

Now, I’m sharing what we did, with you!

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